With effective advice and minimal funds Izingane Happy Foundation,
founded in 2015, wants to achieve maximum results, to make the lives of
young, vulnerable children in South Africa more colourful.

Consultancy & Funding

Founder and driving force behind  Izingane Happy Foundation, Lonie Vles – Rosenmöller, has 11 years of experience as a trustee and project delegate for a Dutch Charity Kinderfonds Mamas (former Nelson Mandela Kinderfonds).  About twice a year Lonie goes to South Africa to share her knowledge and experience and give hands-on advice (free of charge) to various  child projects, with the aim of making them stronger, more efficient and more effective. In the heart-breaking situations she sees during these visits, Lonie would like to be able to give some financial support as well, through Izingane Happy Foundation and the gifts of sponsors. Small-scale, small-chain support, of course in close cooperation with the project.

Based on the idea that 1 + 1 is not 2, but rather 3 or even 4!

Yet another foundation? Is that necessary?

Yes absolutely!  Because Izingane Happy Foundation only supports existing, registered, accountable, often rural child projects, based on our conviction and experience that filling the gaps in existing projects can make a world of difference for the ‘izingane’ (children in Zulu).
We focus on projects, run by loving people of the local community, who help and take care of the most vulnerable children. For instance, orphans who might be looked after by their grandmother, brothers or sisters; sick or handicapped children that need medical care or a purpose; children that are poor and hungry; children that cannot go to school, because it is too far away or simply there is no money for the mandatory school uniform.

Among other things we have initiated with our South African partner organizations creches, after school care (teenage) programs, vegetable gardening, training for teachers and volunteers.


In short, advice and small (effective) financial, support with big results: The children are stimulated in their development , they learn and play. Their lives are enriched; they feel loved and valued, they have a purpose… and become happy izingane.

Izingane Happy Foundation

Lonie Vles – Rosenmöller
tel. + 31 (0) 6 21 806 708